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Presentations: Tipps zur Überarbeitung

Oft genügt es nicht, einfach die englische Präsentation auf dem Bildschirm durchzulesen. Was können Sie tun? Hier erfahren Sie mehr.

Presentations: Tipps zur Überarbeitung

Dear Reader,

I think we all know how embarrassing it can be to notice a mistake in your presentation in front of an important audience. Although some of the following tips may seem obvious, it is worth repeating them anyway:

  1. Number your pages before you…
  2. Print out a final copy and read through carefully. In this day and age of sustainability, print on the back of scrap paper. The research shows that proofreading on a computer screen is never as accurate reading a hard copy.
  3. Make sure the capitals (Großschreibung) are correct:
    a.        Place a capital at the beginning of a sentence.
    b.       Capitalize
  4. i.       The first word at the beginning of a line 
    ii.       The days of the week and the months
    iii.       Nationalities, languages and countries
    iv.       Proper nouns, places and things.
  5. Place a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence (.!?).
  6. If the word “of” is used more than once in a sentence, check if you can say it another way.
  7. Think “verb”. English is a verb-based language. German today is a noun-based language (In the days of Goethe, it was also a verb-based language.) If you can change a noun into a verb, the sentence will sound more active in English and will be easier for your audience to remember. Example:

The sales increase went up by 15%.
Sales increased by 15%.

Do you notice the difference?

Good luck on your next presentation.

Kind regards,

Nelly Thomas

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