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Presentations: PowerPoint Presentation

Zu einer erfolgreichen Präsentation gehört natürlich eine gute Vorbereitung. Heute stellen wir Ihnen einige wichtige Tipps für die erfolgreiche PowerPoint Präsentation auf Englisch vor.

Presentations: PowerPoint Presentation

Dear Reader,

In the first part, we talked about how to obtain an audience analysis so as to prepare thoroughly for your presentation.

  • Once you have received information about your audience, match what you say to their needs.
  • Create your presentation with your audience in mind so they can follow what you are saying. If your presentation does not appeal to your audience – no matter how well you have developed your presentation – your presentation will not be a success.
  • This leads us to the next rule: Know your material thoroughly. Your material needs to be second nature to you. Make sure that you record yourself and listen a number of times before going to practice with a native speaker (if possible).

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  • Remember that you are taking on a role when presenting. Make sure that not only your physical appearance is appropriate to the occasion, but also the tone you use is well chosen. If your topic is serious, be solemn.
  • Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to begin your presentation with an ice-breaker.
  • Don’t worry about making friends, rather lead the audience through your materials in a calm and relaxed manner.
  • Speak slowly and clearly, and remember to address everyone in the audience, even the person the farthest away from you.
  • Do not read from notes. Referring to notes is fine, but do so only briefly.
  • Maintain eye contact with your audience. Making direct eye contact with individuals will help them feel as if they are participating in your presentation.
  • Don’t just use a PowerPoint presentation and read the text to your audience. This is what we call “death by PowerPoint“.
  • Remember: Your visuals should support what you say. For a look at some excellent presentations by thought leaders worldwide, visit the TED website. You may even find a presentation there on your subject.
  • The rule of thumb for PowerPoint slides is 6 x 6, i.e. 6 lines of text with about 6 words per line. Use pictures and diagrams to illustrate text messages.
  • Provide audience members with handouts of the most important materials so they can keep your most important points always in mind.
  • Know when to stop. This cannot be underestimated. You need to make your case, but continuing for too long will only ensure that the audience forgets what you have said.

Be prepared to answer questions at the end. A cultural note: If the presentation and the subject was interesting, then the audience will ask questions. That’s a positive thing.

Good luck!

Kind regards,

Nelly Thomas

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