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Mit Humor durch den Berufsalltag

Office talk: Heute stellen wir Ihnen humorvolle Möglichkeiten vor, um einerseits das Arbeitsklima aufzulockern und um gleichzeitig Ihr Englisch auf authentische Art zu verbessern.

Dear Reader,

Puns and jokes are an easy way to create a good working atmosphere at the office. In English-speaking countries, wordplays, jokes and puns are often called "groaners" because they are often so corny that we groan when we hear them. Hunt for double meanings, ambiguities, on-purpose misspellings in the following puns:

Where do tadpoles change into frogs?

In the croakroom.

How do you address a female health inspector?

Hi, Jean!

What is the color of wind?


If you want to play the violin, go ahead,

but no strings attached, mate!

If you’re interested in pet insurance, they’ll offer

you something you’d be barking mad to refuse or even sniff at.

Don’t be a turkey,

do your Christmas shopping in our store!

What do trains and trees have in common?

Trains leave sheds and trees shed leaves.

What is the differerence between unlawful and illegal?

The first is against the law, the second is a sick bird.

What is the difference between a mirror and a man?

One reflects without speaking, the other speaks without reflecting.

Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 8 9.

Why is the Panama Canal like the first U in cucumber?

Because it’s between two Cs.

Here are some websites to visit and collect puns:

 Enjoy the humor in the language and have a great week.


Nelly Thomas

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