9 Tipps für Business English

Am Ende lernen die meisten Business English, um besser zu kommunizieren. Geht es Ihnen auch so? Heute stellen wir Ihnen die neun besten Tipps vor.

Dear Reader,

When all is said and done, most people are studying English in order to be able to communicate better. Do you feel the same way? We have put together some of the most successful ideas to study Business English:

  1. Ask yourself every week: What do I need to do in English this week? Or, think of one thing that you could prepare in English for your job. 
  2. Set aside five minutes to quickly review new information in English, for example before bedtime or before going for a walk.
  3. When you are alone at your desk doing something in English, speak out loud. This helps to reinforce your skills.
  4. Improve your listening skills and vocabulary by doing five to ten minutes of listening at skills four times a week. Reading along while someone is reading out loud to you will help to increase your vocabulary naturally. For example, the International Herald Tribune (http://www.iht.com/) has incorporated this function into its online newspaper.
  5. Look for situations in which you need to speak, read and listen to English in a "real world" situation. Put your English to more practice by using the internet to listen to the news and to write English responses in forums, exchanging emails with a pen pal.
  6. If you are attending an English class, use the exercises from last time as a basis to talk to another class member or at work.
  7. Listen to English music. Not only do you learn the language but also the natural melody of the language. If you type in the word "lyrics" + the song title into your internet search function, relevant links to the words to the song will appear. Also, listening to music before you start to study English or deal with any other subject will help to clear your mind.
  8. Getting up from your desk and moving around will help to refocus your energies and will also improve learning by providing a physical link to the learning taking place at that moment.
  9. Spend five minutes and review what you did yesterday in English.

My last bit of advice is to mix and combine as much as you like.


Nelly Thomas