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Wie viel Trinkgeld?

Lesezeit: 2 Minuten Wenn wir ein Trinkgeld hinterlassen, bedanken wir uns für den besonders guten Service, z. B. im Restaurant, im Hotel oder beim Friseur. In diesen Geschäften, leben viele Niedrigverdiener von ihren Trinkgeldern. So ist es zumindest in den USA.

2 min Lesezeit

Wie viel Trinkgeld?

Lesezeit: 2 Minuten

Dear Reader,By giving a tip, a guest says "thank you" for special and good service, for example in a restaurant or a hotel, in a taxi, at the hair-dresser’s or barber’s. In these businesses, there are many low wage-earners who depend on their tips. At least that’s the way it is in the United States.

But what is it like in other countries?
Outside of Germany, the general rule is the farther north you go, the lower the tip. Tips are not usual at all in Iceland, Finland or in Denmark. In other Scandinavian countries, five percent are usual.

In Egypt, Greece and Spain five to ten percent are considered appropriate; in France and Turkey up to fifteen percent. In North and Central America as well as the Caribbean, fifteen to twenty percent are considered appropriate since often restaurant and hotel staff live off their tips only.

In North America, fifteen percent tips are common, for good service twenty percent is usual. Leave your tip on the table when you leave since the US government taxes this source of income.

Whereas Islamic countries call the practice of giving tips “bakshish”, ten percent is usual and is also given to the museum guide or the porter. Giving nothing is considered rude. If someone does you a small favor, offering a cigarette is also considered appropriate.

In which countries are tips uncommon? 
Instead of giving a tip in Irish or English pubs, it is more usual to invite the barkeeper for a beer. In Italy, Iceland and Switzerland where the tip is included in the service charge (coperto) leaving a few coins behind is appropriate. 

In China and Japan, giving a tip is considered an insult and many Europeans and Americans lose their face in doing so. However, it is all right to discretely leave a tip for hotel employees.

How do you go about tipping? 
When staying in a hotel, leave your tip along with a note on the night table. In the United States and in Mediterranean countries, leave your tip on the table when you leave. However, in Greece it is important to give your tip personally to your server. Leave your tip in an envelope when you are in Egypt. If you are paying your bill with your credit card, leave your tip in the form of change.

Have a good trip.


Nelly Thomas

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