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Wegweiser: Wie komme ich zum…?

Wegweiser: Wie komme ich zur Messe, zum nächsten Bahnhof oder zum Flughafen? Kennen Sie auch diese Situation? Letztens kam eine Kursteilnehmerin zu mir und erzählte: “Heute morgen hat sich der Englischkurs bezahlt gemacht”. Zuerst wußte ich nicht was los war, aber später…

Wegweiser: Wie komme ich zum…?

Dear Reader, 

The other morning, one of my students came into class looking very happy. She said, “This morning the course paid off for itself.” At first, I must admit, I wondered why but later on I understood. My student had been taking part in a one-week workshop to prepare for a new job.

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On the fourth day of class, as she was getting off the S-Bahn at the main train station in Frankfurt, a Japanese visitor asked her for directions to the trade fair. She gave him the directions and felt very pleased with herself for being able to assist the man. After all, it was the first time that she done this. Up to then, she had always turned away.

The man was visibly grateful for the help and thanked her. What my student did not expect was the visitor giving her a small box of Japanese sweets to show his appreciation.

It is always appreciated to give or receive help, even if we don’t get a box of sweets. Here is some useful vocabulary in giving directions. Adapt this vocabulary in a paragraph about how to get to the trade fair / main train station or airport where you are:

walk straight ahead for about 400 meters/yards


400 m gerade aus gehen.


turn right at the light


An der Ampel rechts abbiegen.


take a left / right


Links / rechts abbiegen.


It’s right across from here


Es ist direkt gegenüber von hier.


The trade fair is right down the road.


Die Messe ist direkt weiter unten auf der Straße.


The parking garage is right next door.


Das Parkhaus ist direkt neben an.


bus stop




bus station




go outside the building


Das Gebäude verlassen.


one-way street




S-Bahn stop




Notice that “right” has two meanings. It can also mean that something is very close and easy to get to.

May you always get and give good directions.


Nelly Thomas

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