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Englische Redewendungen: Bring your language to life

Redewendungen machen Ihre Sprache lebendiger. Viele englische Redewendungen haben mit der Seefahrt zu tun - wahrscheinlich wegen der englischen Seefahrer-Tradition. Wissen Sie, was folgende englische Redewendungen bedeuten?

Englische Redewendungen: Bring your language to life

Englische Redewendungen
All these idioms have to do with the sea and sailing. Decide which of the two definitions is right.
1. I think the new manager is going to run a very tight ship.
a) He has a very relaxed management style.
b) He is a very strict manager.
2. The results were so bad, the company is certain to change tack this year.
a) make everybody work harder
b) try new tactics
3. I hear the company is in dire straits.
a) in trouble
b) being taken over by a competitor
4. They´re just going to have to batten down the hatches and wait for the storm to pass.
a) act as if nothing has happened
b) prepare for a difficulty or crisis.
5. Did someone show you the ropes when you started your new job?
a) show you what to do in an emergency
b) show you how the office is run
Answers 1 – b) 2 – b) 3 – a) 4 – b) 5 – b)

Englische Redewendungen

to run a tight ship
ganz effizient leiten
to change tack
die Fahrtrichtung ändern
to be in dire straits
in großen Schwierigkeiten sein wörtlich: In einer widrigen Meeresenge
to batten down the hatches
die Schotten dicht mmachen
to show someone the ropes (The ropes are the first thing a sailor on a sailing ship has to learn about.)
Jemanden eine Einführung geben, einarbeiten wörtlich: Jemandem die Taue zeigen

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