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Zeitmanagement: Tipps für eingehende Telefonate aus dem Ausland

Eingehende Telefonate können ein Zeitfresser sein und von anderen wichtigen Aufgaben ablenken. Es gibt jedoch Möglichkeiten, mit ankommenden Telefonaten professionell umzugehen. Heute stellen wir Ihnen 9 Tipps vor.

Zeitmanagement: Tipps für eingehende Telefonate aus dem Ausland

Dear Reader,

Incoming phone calls can eat up a lot of time and detract from other serious tasks that need to be completed. But there are ways of handling incoming phone calls to cut down on the amount of time you are spending on the phone. Here are some useful tips: 

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  1. Answer your telephone using a business phone greeting.
  2. Think and prioritize as you speak.
  3. Use techniques such as paraphrasing and summarizing to keep phone calls on track.
  4.  Get in the habit of closing each incoming phone call with a summary of whatever action you and the caller have agreed to take.
  5. Keep a paper and pen by your phone, so you can write down details during the phone call.
  6. Give your clients and customers the email option.
  7. Use technology to manage the time you’re spending answering the phone.It’s always best to have a person answer the phone.Keep a written script of frequently asked questions (and answers) posted by your phone.
  8. Remember, the telephone is supposed to be a business tool, not an intrusive timewaster that rules your working day.
  9. Handling your inbound phone calls according to these time management tips will help you better manage your time, improve your productivity, and put your telephone back in its proper place – helping you run your business rather than running you.


Nelly Thomas

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