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Vorgehensweisen im Englischen: Wie kommt man ins Café?

Lesezeit: < 1 Minute Wie kommt man ins Café Imori? Wie bestelle ich etwas? Wo finde ich Excel auf meinem Computer? Um Vorgehensweisen im Englischen besser begreiflich zu erläutern, zeigen wir Ihnen heute eine einfache, jedoch sehr effektive Technik.

< 1 min Lesezeit

Vorgehensweisen im Englischen: Wie kommt man ins Café?

Lesezeit: < 1 Minute

Dear Reader,

How do you get to the Café Imori in Frankfurt? This café is located on Braubachstrasse, just across from where the Technisches Rathaus presently is or just up the road from the Paulskirche. 

First of all, park your car in the Parkhaus Dom/Römer. Alternatively, take the U-Bahn or the streetcar to the Dom/Römer.

Then, walk to the Römerberg and turn right onto Braubachstrasse. Next, walk for about another 150 meters until you see the sign “Imori Patisserie” on the other side of the street.

Finally, cross the street and you will have reached the café.

An effective technique
Note that when you are explaining a sequence of steps in English, guide your reader or listener with signposts or linking words:

  • First, / Firstly, / First of all,
  • Then, / Next, / After that, / Afterwards,  
  • Finally, / At the end,

This technique is neutral and you can use it in almost every situation without being off. Furthermore, you can present an explanation orally. Use this technique to give directions, explain how to do something, show how to find that software program on the computer, for example.

In giving directions, give the actual name of the place instead of translating it into English – it makes it easiser to find. As an alternative, explaining that the Dom is the cathedral and that the Römer is Frankfurt’s city hall usually makes more sense. Try it out.


Nelly Thomas

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