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Trade Fairs: Follow-up immediately by email

Sie kommen von der Messe zurück: Liegen viele E-Mails vor, müssen Anrufe beantwortet werden und müssen aktuelle Projekte geprüft werden? Nehmen Sie an, dass alle Ihre Kontakte, die ja sowieso eine Broschüre erhalten haben und sich an Sie erinnern, Sie anrufen werden?

Trade Fairs: Follow-up immediately by email

Trade Fairs: Follow-up immediately by email

Dear Reader,

After returning from the trade show, are there lots of emails to handle, do phone calls need to be returned and do you need to check on current projects and sales? Is there an automatic assumption that the people who received your brochure and business card will remember you?

One of the most overlooked aspects of trade fairs is following up on all the contacts obtained in a timely manner.

Let me introduce you to an easy post-show plan:

1.    Follow up immediately, that is within 48 hours of the show.
2.    Call the most serious prospects first.
3.    Email all of your contacts whether they are good prospects or not:

  • a.    Thank them for visiting your stand.
  • b.    Extend your trade show offer.
  • c.    Offer you product/service solutions.

4.    With qualified prospects, still send an email, but also state that you will call to arrange a time to meet or discuss the next steps.

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