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Successful Meetings: Wenn ein Zwischenrufer stört (Teil 4)

Was können Sie unternehmen, wenn Sie ein internationales Meeting leiten und ein Zwischenrufer stört den Verlauf der Besprechung?

Successful Meetings: Wenn ein Zwischenrufer stört (Teil 4)

Dear Reader,

Not too long ago, a  heckler was escorted by uniformed officers from President Obama’s speech to students at the University of Maryland College Park after he briefly interrupted the president’s defense of his health care program. The young man, wearing a grey polo shirt and a beret, began yelling from his second-row seat at the university’s cavernous basketball arena. "Obama you’re a liar. Obama, your health care kills children. Abortion is murder," he yelled.

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The heckler drew immediate boos from those seated around him and then from a boisterous and supportive crowd, who gave the president repeated ovations. Some threw cups or crumpled paper bags at the hecker. Mr. Obama briefly paused from his remarks to ask, "What’s going on?" But he quickly resumed his prepared remarks.

What would you do if you were hosting an international meeting and there were a heckler (Zwischenrufer) in the room? A heckler is typically aggressive, argumentative and has satisfaction in needling others, as described above.

In this case, you shouldn’t let the heckler upset you. Try to find value in of the points made and then immediately move on to something else.

Kind regards,

Nelly Thomas

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