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Reviewing the tenses

Gibt es etwas Besseres als einen Text zu übersetzen? Eine praktische Übung für Business English, um die Zeiten zu üben? Wenn Sie mehr erfahren möchten, lesen Sie weiter.

Reviewing the tenses

Dear Reader,

Often we make the mistake of thinking that if we translate a text into our mother tongue, then we will be perfect in English. However, the result is often that we then understand our mother tongue better.

Let’s use a technique today that will improve our English more. Take a text that has been written in the past. Ideally, today’s business section of the newspaper is a good place to look. Often these articles are written in the past.

Next, rewrite the article as if it is taking place now. Remember to use the present continuous to describe what is happening now; use the present tense to describe a state or condition or a habit.

For example:

The ash cloud is causing a lot of problems for travelers at Frankfurt Airport. Many business people travel to Lisbon on Monday mornings. Today, however, many travelers find themselves stranded at the Airport.

After you have rewritten your article, read it out loud. What do you become aware of?

Kind regards,

Nelly Thomas

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