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Reviewing the past tenses

Im Folgenden finden Sie eine praktische Übung für Business English, um die Vergangenheitsformen zu üben.

Reviewing the past tenses

Dear Reader,

In English we tend to be picky about using the tenses correctly. Today’s exercise is a nice review of the tenses.

First, take a sheet of paper, fold it lengthwise and tear it down the middle. Then lay the halves on top of each other and fold in half, tear apart. Repeat once more so that you have eight sheets of paper about the size of an index card (A7).

Next, pick a subject, which has happened eight times in your life (eight different presentations, business trips, cars you have owned, etc.). Note down one subject on one card.

Then answer these questions about each card:

  1. What happened?
  2. When did it occur?
  3. How did it happen?
  4. What else was happening at the time? (Remember to use the past continuous. Example: We were all sitting in the meeting room. John was speaking about the first item on the agenda.)
  5. Who was with you?
  6. Where did this happen?
  7. What have you done since then to avoid the situation? (Remember to use the present perfect. Example: Since then, we have always turned off our cell phones before going into one of John’s meetings.)

Kind regards,

Nelly Thomas

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