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Neues vom English Theatre: Das „Hörglossar“

Ab sofort bietet das English Theatre Frankfurt zu jedem Theaterstück ein “Hörglossar” an. Es enthält die wichtigen - oder auch selten benutzten - Vokabeln. Alle, die ihr Englisch vertiefen und erweitern wollen, können sich...

Neues vom English Theatre: Das „Hörglossar“

Dear Reader,Shortly before Easter vacation starts, I would like to draw your attention to a new offer by the English Theatre in Frankfurt. Starting immediately, the English Theatre will be making an “audio glossary“ available, which contains the important and/or seldomly used expressions.


Anyone who would like to expand their knowledge of English is welcome to visit the ”Glossary“ link at their homepape You have the option of either listening to the audio file or downloading it (Ipod, Iphone oder jeden MP3-Player). All the expressions are spoken by native-speakers. Choose between listening “English to English“ or “English to German“.

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Here is a sample from their current production Hysteria:

A preposterous accusation   – completely unreasonable, silly (sinnlos, absurd)

Crackpot – someone who is slightly crazy (ein Irrer, ein Spinner)

It makes you squirm – to twist your body because you are nervous or uneasy (sich drehen, sich winden).

For those studying English, I find this is an excellent tool in preparing for the play as well as reviewing afterwards.

I hope you enjoy using this new tool and hope that you enjoy your evening at the theatre.

Sincerely,Nelly Thomas


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