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Money and personal banking in the United States

Das Bankensystem in den USA ist im Vergleich zu Europa anders entwickelt. Dasselbe trifft auf die Fachausdrücke zu. Wenn Sie mehr dazu erfahren möchten, lesen Sie weiter.

Money and personal banking in the United States

Dear Reader,

Your money is important to you and how you can manage it wisely is an interesting topic. As you have probably already noticed, the banking systems in the United States and Europe have developed differently over the years.

How does personal banking work?
Today we are going to look at personal debit cards and how they work in the United States. Since some of the language is very specific to America, I have collected the financial vocabulary for your convenience in the attached worksheet: Your money.

Why is it important?
As you go through the video "Winning the Card Game: Debit Cards" and/or read the video "Overspending on Debit Cards Is a Boon for Banks", you will notice that there are a lot of traps in the US personal banking system. While they may not apply to you directly here in Germany, I believe it does sensitize us to our personal financial situations.

I personally found the both the video and the article very informative.

Kind regards,

Nelly Thomas

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