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Kommunikation: Ein Vorschlag kann Sie weiterbringen

Natürlich bemühen Sie sich, höfllich zu sein, wenn Sie von ihren internationalen Geschäftspartnern etwas möchten. Bei native-speakers brauchen Sie aber besonders viel Fingenspitzengefühl, denn anstatt zu fragen, machen sie oft Vorschläge.

Kommunikation: Ein Vorschlag kann Sie weiterbringen

Kommunikation: Ein Vorschlag kann Sie weiterbringen

Dear Reader,

You are probably a very polite person and always remember to say „please“ in English. However, people in the English-speaking world often don’t ask others to do things directly but instead say what needs to happen next or even just make suggestions. As a result, you are less likely to hear the word „please“ than you would think.

Here are some typical instructions you may find yourself giving without actually asking directly:

  • I’ll need you to stand over here.
  • I’m going to have to ask you to wait here please.
  • I just need your signature on this.
  • I’m going to need you to fill in these forms.
  • Would you like to come this way?
  • Can I please ask you not to leave your car here? I’ll show you somewhere better.
  • If you’d just like to give me your credit card number.

Personally I find that using this technique can help you to come across more effectively and to get things done more quickly even if your „English“ is not „perfect“.

Further material on this topic as well as other useful subjects for international business can be found at Business English Today.

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