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Englischsprachige Nachschlagwerke

Stellen Sie hin und wieder fest, dass Ihr zweisprachiges Wörterbuch irgendwie nicht genug ist? Das kann ein Zeichen sein, daß Sie Ihr Wörterbuch überfordern und in einem weiteren Werk nachschlagen sollten. Aber welches?

Englischsprachige Nachschlagwerke

Dear Reader,

There are many excellent reference books and e-sources available for those who are using English. If you were to look at a native-speaker’s well-sorted bookshelf, you would probably find a good dictionary, a thesaurus and an encyclopedia. Depending on how many languages he or she speaks, you would find a bilingual dictionary for each language. 

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Here is some advice in selecting English reference books:

  •  Select a dictionary that gives you at least eight pieces of information pro entry. A good dictionary will give you up to fourteen pieces of information and include both British and American spellings. For example:
  •  In choosing a source to look up synonyms and antonyms, Roget’s Thesaurus ) is considered a standard work. Roget’s is also tied into the English version of Word™. A personal favorite of mine is The Synonym Finder by J. I. Rodale. It is very easy to use and has been a lifesaver in my opinion.
  • Encyclopedias are often the first step in researching or learning about a topic. There are quite a few excellent encyclopedias available. English standards are the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Americana and Collier’s. Of the three, the Britannica can be accessed online ( And then, of course, there is

If you are preparing something in English, I recommend using English-language resources for the simple reason that specific vocabulary is used and links to other reliable websites are listed.

I wish you good luck in finding what you are looking for.


Nelly Thomas

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