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Englische Bewerbungen: Der beste Job der Welt

Lesezeit: < 1 Minute Wie kann ich auf Englisch besser präsentieren? Oder was muss ich beachten, wenn ich mich auf eine Stelle in Englisch bewerbe? Wenn solche Fragen auch in Ihrem Kopf kreisen, dann bieten wir Ihnen heute eine attraktive Möglichkeit anhand sechzehn sehr guter Beispiele im Rahmen des gegenwärtigen Bewerbungsverfahren "Der beste Job der Welt“ von Tourism Queensland.

< 1 min Lesezeit

Englische Bewerbungen: Der beste Job der Welt

Lesezeit: < 1 Minute

Dear Reader, 

Many of you have probably heard of the contest for the best job in the world. Last April 2, Tourism Queensland announced the top 16 short-listed applicants for their Best Job in the World. Originally Tourism Queensland intended to choose just ten short-listed candidates, but they were so impressed with the way the Top 50 had gone to promote themselves and the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef during the last few weeks that they found it impossible to stick to ten names. 

So, they decided that in order to have the best talent pool of potential Island Caretakers possible, they would increase the short list to 15 – plus the Wild Card candidate Clare Wang.  As a result, sixteen final candidates will be traveling to Hamilton Island for The Best Job in the World final selection process from May 3 to 6.

You may be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with me learning English?“ Well, on the one hand, the range of English accents is interesting to listen to and the one-minute videos are the best. More importantly though, these videos are excellent examples of  

  • How to do a one-minute presentation, 
  • Job applications and skills and
  • Human resource terminology.

I invite you to visit the following websites to acquaint yourself with an introduction to the topic and to look at the video job applications (four is a good number).

Notice how the presentations are organized. Then decide who you would hire and why. Check back in early May to find out who finally got the job of Island Caretaker.

Best regards,

Nelly Thomas

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