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Effektive interkulturelle Kommunikation

Interkulturelle Kommunikation: Heute stellen wir Ihnen einen einfachen, aber auch effektiven Tipp vor, um im Englischen fließend zu sprechen bzw. um von anderen englischen Muttersprachlern gut aufgenommen zu werden.

Effektive interkulturelle Kommunikation

Dear Reader, 

No matter at which level your English is, here is a useful piece of advice on becoming more fluent and moving towards the level of a native-speaker. The next time you are surrounded by other English native-speakers, e. g.

  • watching a DVD in English
  • spending time at an English pub
  • attending a trade fair here in Germany
  • going to a conference or on a business trip
  • while on vacation
  • just sit back, observe and watch. This means:
  • Listen for how quickly the native-speakers speak and move
  • Watch their body language
  • Observe how people interact

Then try to adapt your speed of speech, body language and interaction accordingly with others. It may well be that you will find yourself slowing down in English and taking your time. This is what it’s all about – integrating yourself into the culture and the language as well as being accepted by native-speakers. And then watch what kind of feedback you get from others over time.

So until next time – take your time.


Nelly Thomas

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